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Nofori Bruno s.n.c. was founded in 1963 as a manufacturer of plastics and rubber molds. In 1980 the company diversified its production by starting to print plastic materials. Today, the company competes in third-party manufacturing, printing and molding of plastics, with advanced technology, leveraging the extensive experience it has gained over time. Nofori Bruno s.n.c. has been ISO 9002 certified since February 2001, and as of May 2003 has adapted its SQ to the new ISO 9001: 2000 standard. Nofori Bruno s.n.c. operates in the following sectors:
  • Auto racing
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Automation and sporting equipment components
  • Lighting
  • Model building

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Who we are

Nofori Bruno s.n.c. was founded in 1963 as a construction company for molds of plastic materials and rubber. In 1980 it diversified its production and began to press plastic materials. Today it the company produces molds, presses and equipment for third parties using advanced technology, and has an extensive fleet of suitable vehicles, as well as many years of experience in the field. Nofori Bruno s.n.c. has been is ISO 9000 certified since February 2001. 
Nofori Bruno s.n.c. operates mainly in the following sectors:
  • Motoring / auto-racing
  • Gas-rings and gaskets
  • Automation and sports equipment
  • Lighting / Illumination
  • Models
uno scaffale in ferro con del materiale
To request a quote, call +39 051 727328
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